Access to Health Insurance
Good for employees, good for business!
Introduction to Intent to Participate
Please read and verify that your business meets the program requirements listed below prior to completing and submitting your intent to participate.
Employer Program Requirements:
  • Employer must operate an Idaho small business (2-50 employees)
  • Employer must currently NOT offer health insurance
  • Employer must be willing to pay at least 50% of the employee’s premium
  • Employer must have at least one employee who meets the income guidelines for premium assistance
If you meet the above requirements and would like to participate in the Access to Health Insurance program please complete the ‘Intent to Participate’ registration form by clicking below. Please print your confirmation page for your records.
The Access to Health Insurance program will notify you using the email address indicated on the registration form to submit the application packet. We encourage you to provide an email address for the person who is to facilitate the application process for your business. (i.e. insurance representative) Your application packet must be submitted to the Access to Health Insurance program within 15 calendar days from the date of the email notification. If the application packet is not received within the 15 calendar days, your business will forfeit their reserved slots.
For additional program information, please visit the programs website at or call 1-866-326-2485.
Click here to submit your intent to participate.